Consumed by David Cronenberg

“We have absorbed the internet into our nervous systems, and it has made us different,” says Cronenberg. “We are definitely different.”

I just started reading the first book of 2015. Wired ran an interview with Cronenberg about it, but I’m saving it until I make a little headway with the thing. I haven’t seen MAPS TO THE STARS yet, but I’m hoping to catch it this month.

SCANNERS is the one of course but as a teenager I must have watched RABID and SHIVERS back to back most weekends.

Feels right kicking off the new year with an old friend.

And some old ones.

*blinks at the audience*

Is this thing on?

Status Update

I’m a big fan of October. It somehow started a week late this year, but the sun has finally had its fill of London. I’ve always preferred it this way. If I need warmth I know where to find it.

Doghouse # 1

Doghouse 1 cover Instagram

Doghouse # 1 , a new comics anthology from Sleepydog, is now available via Comixology.

That’s three new stories by me and @cherrysheriff.

AVALON I mentioned a post or so ago, but it’s got a sweet Chinook crash and swordplay in it.

REPO DELUXE is a fun slice of The Rockford Files but if Jim only went after rich idiots.


NYPD WEIRD introduces you to cops with special powers tackling the oddest cases in New York.


They’re all really fun to write and it’s a pleasure to see this stuff come alive via Dave’s artwork . Enjoy!

There’s a little pile of issues stacked behind this one so if you enjoy these 30 pages there’s a lot more to come.

The Internet’s Own Boy

“And the old world killed him.”

Huge fan of Participant and just about everything they’ve put out. Very pleased to see them involved in the Aaron Swartz documentary.

Safe hands indeed.



May already. How did that happen? Soon be Christmas at this rate, but on the plus side it means May 7th is right around the corner. That’s when a NEW THING, a comics anthology in fact, is scheduled to drop on Comixology. It’s called DOGHOUSE and there’s a bunch of stuff in it by me and Dave Kennedy. If you enjoyed the motion-comic stuff in CAPER then there should be plenty for you to dig about these stories.

This one for example:


Avalon coverThat’s the cover to part one  of AVALON. Art by Dave Kennedy, words by me and brought into comic-book form with the good folks over at Sleepydog.

In a nutshell: it’s a British GI SAMURAI with a lot more swearing.

Next week I’ll be also be writing a short serial/story THING over on Medium. Kinda experimental. We’ll see how that goes.

Expect updates here to be a little more regular, but as ever the best way to catch me is via Twitter.

Also playing around with different ways to update this on the go so expect some odd formatting. Although that probably won’t matter if you’re reading via RSS.

In the meantime here’s a bonus shot of one of my favourite people in the world, Haruka Abe, taking a break from kicking some Saxon arse.

Haruka Abe

AND we should be warming up for the second block of MERICA ADAMS soon, but more on that later.


Justified’s Graham Yost remembers Elmore Leonard:

“He wasn’t precious about his work but he was also very honest. The big joke between all of us was that he didn’t like Raylan’s hat. At first he had a different hat in mind. But he grew to accept it because he just loved Tim [Olyphant]’s performance.” In his writers room Yost handed out “WWED” bracelets to reinforce his commitment to preserving the spirit of Leonard’s text. “What Would Elmore Do? He got a kick out of that when he heard about that. He asked if we could send a few of those to his family. Elmore’s Ten Rules of Good Writing, the number 1 rule is leave out the parts that people skip over. Just that alone – bring it down, make it faster, funnier, or smarter – is something I try to take to heart.”

The guy who got Sergio Leone to watch CHiPs

Great interview with William Forsythe that covers some of the more interesting points of his career. THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU’RE DEAD, RAISING ARIZONA, CHiPs(!)… And of course Boardwalk Empire:

You know, if a guy could, he’d buy life insurance for his character. [Laughs.] Anything could happen. So, no, not really any warning, but… I knew. I guess I can say that. I never divulged the secret. But I knew the moment I walked into the house and killed those girls, I knew I wouldn’t be around.

Kinda wanna watch STONE COLD on the plane now.


Something new on the way from JJ Abrams.

I was asked to throw some ideas around at Bad Robot the last time I was in LA (back again this week by the way) and as you can imagine the place is just a little bit awesome…


Had a great conversation about their mindset and why and how it is they try and do things a little differently from the rest of Hollywood.

Fascinating… as the chap with the pointy ears would say.


1995 again


This sounds great:

the game is one of almost archaeological exploration. As Kaitlin, the player searches through closets and drawers to find artifacts of family life that explain what happened to everyone. Quickly it emerges that Sam, a high school senior, has a crush on a girl named Lonnie. Their story — told through the technologies of mid-1990s high school life, like crumpled notes passed during classes, photographs that had to be developed to be seen, mixtapes of riot grrrl music, even mimeographed zines — forms the game’s spine.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Also that rare movie where the opening becomes more powerful than just about everything that follows the more times you watch it.

The crude coffin framed in the doorway should be as iconic as the silhouette of Ethan in THE SEARCHERS.

And the easy manner with which the rifle is tossed, put to use and then thrown back again… well, that’s the kind of crucial character moment most modern action movies couldn’t find even if they knew what they were looking for.



I I listen to the digital version of DROKK a lot. Something that hits me in both the Judge Dredd and John Carpenter sweet spots? You’re damn right.

If you haven’t already had the pleasure you should go grab the album now. Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury have done a beautiful job.

But sometimes you need an actual thing taking up actual space in your actual life and Invada have put together a package that is quite something. It arrived today.

The shirt


The canister


The canister interior


The first piece of vinyl


The protective layer


The second piece of vinyl


The CD case


The CD interior


The CD


I’m sure these days the kids are getting music beamed straight into their faces probably before it’s even been created via some kind of temporal sharing network, but if you wanna go futuristic old-school then DROKK is the dog’s bollocks.

And as a bonus they very kindly threw in a couple of extra CDs as my order was delayed* Thanks, guys! Much appreciated.



*Thrill-suckers get in everything this time of year