“Let me tell you what ‘Like a Virgin’ is about…”

Sitting in Hej today I noticed that I had 39 episodes of TV and 116 movies on me. So while I was there to grab a coffee and a little conversation it was good to know I could dip into a Terrence Hill/Bud Spencer western if I really needed to.

I love living in the future.

My first MP3 player didn’t have the capacity to hold a full album so it was a regular task to  s l o w l y  rotate the playlist, but I remember walking to work most mornings listening to the opening theme from Farscape complete with voiceover:

It always put a spring in my step plus reminded me of its predecessor whose soundtrack I didn’t track down until my first iPod:

I also had a Clie which was a wonderful piece of kit and allowed me to watch video on the go. Again not enough capacity for a full movie, but it did allow me to watch slices of my favourite movies over and over.

clieatrix1 - 2663887Handy for short tube journeys.

clieatrix2 - 2663892No idea how many times I must have sat through that sequence, often with other passengers leaning in because every fucker watching video on their commute was still a few years away.

A few days after Ghostbusters opened in the UK I had the novelisation to read on the bus home from school. These things were constant companions for a few years and I still enjoy dipping into them today.

Going back even further I had my dad’s battered old movie annuals that covered stuff like Laurel & Hardy and The Adventures of Robin Hood ensuring I had a lifelong love of Stan & Ollie and still carry a torch for Olivia de Havilland:

003-lady-marian-and-robin-hood-theredlistShe’s the one on the left.

I was mostly brought up by my grandmother so watching old black and white movies with her is one of my earliest memories. Between her love of David Lean and Alex Cox slamming Moviedrome double-bills into my face this stuff is in my DNA now.

I guess I’m rebooting this place so I have a space to talk about it.

Feel free to lean in.