Old Shell Head may just pull this off

I have to admit that as a kid I was never that big a fan of Iron Man. Growing up with 2000AD from a very early age meant Dredd and co. always won out over the super hero types, but I did dip in from time to time and got a kick out of some of the stuff that suit could do.

For some reason I was a much bigger fan of King of the Rocketmen… go figure.

Then again, when I was a kid I didn’t get treated to stuff like this:

From an all-growed-up perspective, everything so far is telling me that the upcoming Iron Man movie is something special.

I’m gonna put my neck out and say Old Shell Head may even give the freak in the bat costume a good run for his money…

4 thoughts on “Old Shell Head may just pull this off

  1. I simply can’t wait for the shellhead movie. I never thought I would like him again after being Bendisized, but I want to see this movie something fierce.

    This animation is pretty nifty and better than the crap films they’ve churned out.


  2. Wow – John. Love the new baby :) You must be very proud!

    Yeah, that animation is a step up from the crap I was satisfied with as a kid. Spidey still needs to shut the fuck up though.

    I may have some interesting… nope can’t say it. Erm. Watch this space.

  3. I was thinking about the crappy Dr. Strange film they just did. I was SO disappointed with that thing. Shessh.

    I have a new baby up if you want to check “Twilight” out.

    Of course I’m interested in interesting – spill!


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