“You know… for kids!”

I was wondering how the kids were taking to Iron Man. Guess I have my answer:

Also got an email from a friend:

My son is TOTALLY into the trailer…

Is it just me or is Tony Stark gonna knock the crap out of Bruce Wayne this summer? I now know people who have read the final Dark Knight script (“It kicks ass”), but have actually seen Iron Man (“Best movie of the year…”)

Not too long to go.

PS James got to see him up close:

Bonus points for snapping that part of the trailer :)

4 thoughts on ““You know… for kids!”

  1. I like Batman, but this will not be the iconic Joker and I would like that. I am old school and I want cloth costume Batman. Why all the armor? Will I watch the movie about an orphan who trains his life away to hunt bad guys using shadow-tek and the fact he wears the Bat cloth suit cause me to lose the suspension of disbelief?

    Iron Man looks so very close to the Tony Stark I know that I will devour this thing like a good steak. For once, the armor union suit is appropriate.

    aaaaaaaaaand Tony seems to be drinking like a fish. Thank yew.


  2. JDC, you know thats the eternal dilema of all good comic book fandom conversations . Tony Stark and Bruce wayne are the definition of Rich Ninjas ( Although some argue Tony to be more Samurai ) they both have the fictional set up that allows them a financial freedom. It their counterpoints, their enemies, that for me defined their stories. Batmans villians were always organic and defined by the system. Iron Mans villians were technical, political and defined by their processes.

    From a writers point of view Batman requires you to write about the villian , pretty much all the time. Iron man because the concept of the suit is the extension of Tony Starks imperatives to change his decisions lets a writer focus more on the character of Tony Stark.

    From a Kids point of view though Jeff Hinz kids are right Iron Man is much better than Mr Incredible lets face its a Guy in a walking tank !

    I just wonder if were going to see a little product placement and maybe an iPod in the suit ?

    Anyway thats enough geeking from me I should write me own blog post on this rather than take up Sizemores comments !

  3. hey, just a quick note, i’ve just started up a blog about my experiences writing a novel, with every post i’m linking to a writer / aspiring novelist and adding in a bit about the person and their blog. i thought seeing as you said you’re trying to get more fiction done in 2008, i thought i’d put you in…recently subscibed to the blog, really enjoying it, follow your tweets and hope to see some of your fiction on here :)

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