Better than a Jetpack

Future travel plans aside I wish I’d been in Toronto on Saturday for this:

Steven Shaviro’s presentation “’You Will Never Own a Jetpack’: Warren Ellis’ Science Fiction Comics”:

This paper looks at the science fiction comics of Warren Ellis: Transmetropolitan, Global Frequency, and the currently ongoing series Doktor Sleepless. These comics are about the social effects of new technologies. They bring us a wavering and uncertain vision of a highly technologized future, and ponder the possibilities of change in a world pervaded by a sense that the future itself has largely been played out.

I was lucky enough to meet and catch a talk by Steven Shaviro at Goldsmiths a while back. Parts of my brain still hurt.

Warren Ellis is partly responsible for the way I look at and more importantly use the Internet. I met Warren four years ago at what I think was London’s first flash mob. I also interviewed him a while back when Desolation Jones first came out. I’m not gonna mention the Japanese ass eels.

Meeting Warren (kinda indirectly) lead me to hanging out with John Rogers who still makes my fucking head spin (and for some reason known only to him continues to send too much traffic my way by mixing my name with Warren, David Brin, John Scalzi, Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow over in the sidebar on Kung Fu Monkey). He of course worked above and beyond the call on the doomed Global Frequency TV show (giving, I think, Michelle Forbes a push into BSG along the way).

Warren’s Global Frequency is still a touchstone for me and the way I work. This month I finally get to work on a project that has Miranda Zero as a kind of guardian angel.

Oh… Warren was the one who called me “nine kinds of wrong” and if you ever read the twisted stuff that Warren comes up with you’ll understand that that’s why it’s on my Moo card. Likewise it was John who outed me as a “tech hipster“. I think those lines in conjunction with Saying The Wrong Thing have landed me a lot of work.

I probably owe the bastards 10%

But seriously, with these guys still churning stuff out we don’t need no stinkin’ jet packs…