Indy Irregulars

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We’re here as part of the regular press junket for Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. What we’re doing is anything but regular.

The talent for any movie is usually moved through a series of set interviews with old media journos. Jumping from room to room and between worldwide print and TV press.

We’re aiming to open that up somewhat.

But even a regular junket is akin to a living breathing animal and it lives on compromise.

We’ll see what happens around 10.30am GMT I guess.

Gotta go set up…


12 Responses to “Indy Irregulars”

  1. Tim Malbon says:

    Brilliant experiment and really brightened up my dull London morning. Thanks.

  2. Darika says:

    Argh, i can’t stop checking here for updates. Can’t wait to see the footage!

  3. Dave says:

    Mike. I gotta give you a lot of PROPS! Not only was this a great surprise to tune into this morning, I don’t know how you managed to keep it a secret (all to yourself) in the days leading up to today.

    Thank you. Looking forward to seeing more and reading your updates.

    Much admiration and respect to you, your team and of course Seesmic.

  4. Looks like it went really well. Well done! Just picked up by mashable

  5. Shakir Razak - curmudgeon says:


    While great props and much respect to ALL the people involved in setting it up and pulling it off, I innocently ask: how is seesmic itself and the excitement of the particular chat that different from the web-chats that used to happen in the 90′s and everyone got excited that star x is going to be talking to “normal” people, and then everyone did it, and now no one cares.

    In addition, any innovations that seesmic does do, can simply be cloned by any of the larger communities.

    Sorry to be a curmudgeon, but i’d appreciate any insight.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yours kindly,

    Shakir Razak

  6. arran says:

    Good job man! Very exciting!

  7. Sizemore, great job mate. and danlight and giagia etc. You were all great.

  8. gia says:


    The ‘web chats’ used to be done by telephone. The ‘star’ would be at home on the phone with someone who was watching the chat progress, that person would relate a question form the chat to the star, then type in the star’s answer… I suppose the difference is that with the Indiana Jones/Seesmic thing, they were actually there in person. Admittedly, they weren’t operating Seesmic themselves (!), but they weren’t just phoning it in.

    In 10-20 years’ time, this won’t be a big deal if more and more junkets like this are covered live via the web. It will certainly change film journalism… because the stuff done on Seesmic yesterday came out WELL before anything else being done there as all the other journalists had to go to satellite trucks in order to upload their footage… and then they’d have to wait until it was edited and put into a schedule tv broadcast.

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