Everybody Loves Somebody

Brain dumping at the moment.

I’m researching a lot of varied stuff, but rather than just dump stuff without explanation (which is what I used to do a lot) I’ll try and make some of this interesting for you poor bastards stuck on that side of the screen.

Today I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, dipped into All In A Night’s Work, read up on the female participants of the Rat Pack and found this photo of Dino with a young Mia Farrow and the tragic Sharon Tate:


I also did a little digging into the history of the USO and then shoehorned in the steampunk robotic version of Toshiro Mifune from Samurai 7 and that very expensive diving helmet that was in Wired a month or so ago.

I’m working on a comic project that jumps titles from Slingers to Ratpackers depending what mood I’m in. If you’re a 2000AD fan think the satire of Robo-Hunter with Rogue Trooper as a backdrop.

This is with a little luck (and a lot of time and effort) the proof of concept that will kick start something bigger. I’m working on this with some very cool people and I’ve turned down a few gigs to make time for it so I’m hoping things will fall into place relatively quickly.

Famous last words.

Mentioning it at such an early stage is just a way of putting that first pin in the board and also a way to explain why I’m dumping stuff like this here:

But there will be a lot of the usual crap too.

Tomorrow, for example, I’ll have the details of a bloggers/twitter screening of City of Men I’m organising.

And I’ll probably talk about Oliver Reed a bit too. Business as usual.

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