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I still dip in to Boing Boing from time to time, but only when I get the same sharp pang I get when I realise it’s been ages since I saw my grandmother. Then I realise she died in 1999 and go back to shooting people in the face on GTA4. Likewise I look at Boing Boing and think that while the old girl isn’t quite ready for a toe tag she may be better off in a home.

But that’s fine. Cory and co are as big as you can get online – which was recently underlined with the kerfuffle over Xeni unpublishing stuff – and they obviously still fill a gap or two. Warren even went as far as saying we should leave them to do all the curating for us, like they’re WALL-E and we don’t get enough exercise and er… ok I see his point:

They have the time, they have the money, they have the setup, they have the audience and they have the momentum of nearly a decade in the job. Nobody needs another linkblog like that. There are already thousands of them. The job of curation is being taken care of. Look ahead.

I couldn’t agree more with the second part. Go read the whole post, it’s worth chewing over.

But I like keeping my hand in with the curating from time to time and to be frank since I started using g-reader the stuff that finally pops up on Boing Boing seems maddeningly dusty. For example, there was this recent find to tie in with the Bat. Great stuff… but also pointed out by The Ephemerist almost exactly a year ago.

Now it’s great that more people are finally tuned in to the more lyrical version of Back to the Future‘s theme music, but because so many people still feed their own link blogs from Boing Boing, Jill with the jack hammer is actually helping to populate the blogosphere [*spit*] with cloned posts. In my mind it’d be better if Boing Boing just went away.

Then Cory and co. could concentrate on their own stuff and maybe a bunch of fresh geeks will pick up the gauntlet. Right now there’s no real point because what Warren sees as a benefit (time, experience, money) can also add up to the equivalent of picking up your first baby sword in World of Warcraft only to run straight into some level 1006 bastardfuck who whittles you down to your virtual underwear and forces you to marry a chicken.

Note. I’ve never played a MMORPG. Or even typed it before.

Plus not everyone wants to or can create original content. And the flipside of all this is that I have quite a few readers each week who are brand new to this Interweb malarky and have not yet had the pleasure of being spoon fed by the Boingers. Or anyone else. Or had a go at the handle end of the spoon for that matter.

I dunno. BB just seems a little like season seven of a five season show.

Original xkcd comic here and used under a CC license. Isn’t it ironic?

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