I’m doing science fiction and I’m still alive

Damn. Time flies. Thankfully my job is now to manipulate the fuck out of it. Sort of.

I’ve been asked to help put together some sci-fi TV shows from scratch.

American distribution was all settled before I came on board, so now the tricky bit is creating something that hasn’t been done 2001 times before. Early days of course and I’m still working in the froth of social media, but please excuse me if I get distracted both here and on Twitter from time to time and drop in some reference to Metal Mickey having sex with Irene Handl (slight pause while America nips off to Google that).

Not a lot more I can say at this stage. Feels good to be writing in an area that I’ve been complaining about for so long. Let’s see what happens next.

7 thoughts on “I’m doing science fiction and I’m still alive

  1. Good one sir.
    I’m sure you’re the man to give our yanqui cousins a bit of a scifi electroshock with a good heaping of a ‘2000AD’ flavored sensibility/brutality.
    Most important thing is to have fun and you’ll be over half way there.
    I look forward to viewing the fruits of your labors.

  2. I know, I know .. Your going to remake Jamie and his Magic torch for the web2.0 Cyberpunk age. Jamies torch is replaced by an IPhone and his Dog is actually an anonymous benefactor who lends him bandwidth. Will you get Russel T Davies to write some of the other scripts for you ?

  3. Thanks guys!

    Nic – I’m avoiding Cleopatra 2525 references so far. One of those shows I’ve been aware of but never actually seen (like Pop Idol). And yeah that was Portal – something the show has nothing to do with. Jamie and his Magic Torch is best left alone I think. Kinda like Doctor Who should have been :)

    Arran – Cheers! Will spill more over a beer soon I expect. Just working out what exactly I can talk about on here and how to find the time to blog :)

    Derek – Back when this idea was just one of many dumb ones I jotted down in a moleskine, it read like a cross between Robo Hunter and Rogue Trooper. It’s moved on considerably since then, but there are still quite a few classic 2000AD reference points :)

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