VloMo09: Katamariphoto Damacy

I’m already a day behind with #VloMo09 which doesn’t bode too well for the future, but let’s give it a go anyway.

I was pulling some old photos from a drive last night and ended up duplicating a lot of files in iPhoto. As I sped through the stream to see what kind of mess I’d created it made for a nice cheap ass animation style that made me smile. So I screengrabbed the process from the entire drive and it came in at just over 20 minutes.

Way too long, but I think VloMo for me is supposed to be easy so I edited in my usual lazy ass way.

Rolling up random photos into a video made the Katamari Damacy theme a fitting piece of music to use. The version I chose was just over 4 minutes so I threw it into iMovie and cut the end of the video just as the music finished. Job done.

If I get really lazy again I figure there’s enough unused photo crap captured for another 2 of these. We’ll see.

If you look away from games and videos that carry those strobe warnings you may wanna sit this one out. Also there’s a fair bit of accidental subliminal marketing for that axis of evil Cafe Nero, the Church of Scientology and the Nazi party. Sorry about that.