VloMo09: Katamariphoto Damacy

I’m already a day behind with #VloMo09 which doesn’t bode too well for the future, but let’s give it a go anyway.

I was pulling some old photos from a drive last night and ended up duplicating a lot of files in iPhoto. As I sped through the stream to see what kind of mess I’d created it made for a nice cheap ass animation style that made me smile. So I screengrabbed the process from the entire drive and it came in at just over 20 minutes.

Way too long, but I think VloMo for me is supposed to be easy so I edited in my usual lazy ass way.

Rolling up random photos into a video made the Katamari Damacy theme a fitting piece of music to use. The version I chose was just over 4 minutes so I threw it into iMovie and cut the end of the video just as the music finished. Job done.

If I get really lazy again I figure there’s enough unused photo crap captured for another 2 of these. We’ll see.

If you look away from games and videos that carry those strobe warnings you may wanna sit this one out. Also there’s a fair bit of accidental subliminal marketing for that axis of evil Cafe Nero, the Church of Scientology and the Nazi party. Sorry about that.

10 thoughts on “VloMo09: Katamariphoto Damacy

  1. Fantastic, Mike! :) What a journey. Feel like I’ve just been round the world. I hope there’s more. And there’s no going back now. 28 and counting…I’m watching.

  2. Thanks. If it makes a few people smile then it’s done the job. Lots of accidental goodness in there.

    I may have to dust off the actual video camera for the next one. Goddammit.

  3. Crikey!

    Don’t know why, but the Ed McBain ‘Jigsaw’ shot stands out particularly amidst all that chaos. Possibly because it was the first 87th Precinct book I ever read.

    Funny how one brief image. amongst a vast multitude, sticks in the mind because of personal relevance.

  4. I think it was mine too. I blogged about it here (or elsewhere) because it was interestingly adapted into one of the few non-formula Columbo episodes. Quite a few of those snaps are from old blog posts.

  5. Awesome I spotted the Arnie hoodie! (You’ve just sparked a ten minute arnold impression spasm best keep 2miles away from soho for the next hour or so)

  6. This is the stuff. The fact that you’re writing here and on Twitter about this being lazy or too easy (??!) sums up for me what’s great about Vlomo. it makes you post things that you otherwise wouldn’t. but which are ingenious and awesome, like this. as Plato says: necessity is one inventive motherfucker.

  7. Jamillah says:

    Grinning all over my chops! What a great video!
    That’s definitely picked up the start of the week for me. I think i’ll be returning to take a look at this a few more times yet.

    Big Grin!

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