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So this has actually been floating on a few industry sites already so it was only a matter of time before it got linked to. Warren Ellis did that today and kindly christened it “Your favourite new TV show“. That, as you can imagine, sparked a little bit of new interest. Stuff like this and John Rogers exclaiming “JESUS. MURPHY” give me faith that we’re on the right track. Thanks guys!

So the version that got linked up was a tad small and only in .mp4 format over on Steve’s website. I’ve had a lot of requests for a more blog-friendly version so here you go:

Comments, email and Twitter chatter is coming in loud and clear. I’ll get back to you all asap, but feel free to embed and chat about the sizzle as you see fit.

This is actually the second sizzle reel for SLINGERS. There’s one that’s a tad longer with a slightly different voice-over from Sean, but this is the one we really like.

It’s directed by Steve Barron and stars Sean Pertwee, Adrian Bower, Tom Mison, Margo Stilley, Haruka Abe, GUN and JUNIOR. The outstanding conceptual design was by Arran and Corran Brownlee. The music is by The Mummers. And yeah I’m the creator/writer/idiot who came up with it. Sleepydog are the guys running the show.

To quickly answer the most obvious question, we’re hoping to shoot the pilot in 2010. We have a few more meetings to get through before that happens, but we’re still heading in the right direction. In fact we’ve had a lot of good news since the last update on here, but I don’t wanna jinx anything just yet.

More stuff when I have it, but as ever I’m overwhelmed for the love SLINGERS seems to generate. We’re doing our very best to make a proper sci fi show and those of you that came here via Warren already have very high expectations that we’ll make every effort to meet. Early support at this stage is not only crucial, it’s a nice reminder of why we we’re doing this.

You all fucking rock.

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  1. Walter says:

    I WILL watch this!
    What’s the latest word on development? Is the pilot definitely going to happen?
    Has a very cool,slick,fell to it. reminds me greatly of Fireefly but it feels VERY ORIGINAL and not as though they just took a concept and changed the names.

    Can’t wait to see this series.

  2. caleb says:

    DO. WANT. looks like it could be an english firefly! just please dont get cancelled after a season…
    you made it onto and btw. Good luck getting this made!

  3. Arturo Ui says:

    Usually I fret from writing in blogs, but this sizzle reel looks amazing.
    I’d probably sell my cat to Satan, if that would help you guys getting the show done.

    Good luck in the future (haha).

  4. Wow – looks like this template doesn’t handle this many comments too well. Let’s see if it lets me try and answer all this in the one reply.

    Will – Cheers! We’ve been careful and put a lot of thought into the combination of the ’60s with the gadgets and I think what we have planned is a happy medium.

    Nik – I think opinion is divided between CLICK and BOOM right now.

    Steve – oh yeah, we have more than just Slingers up our sleeve, but one thing at a time :)

    Alfie – Brain on ice. Check. And yeah – it’s been a busy year. Not sure we’ll be relaxing much in 2010.

    Mandrill – Like you I’m a long time fan of Sean’s. Meeting and working with him like this has been an absolute ball. Keep an eye out for some behind the scenes footage soon.

    Lizzie – Tom and GUN do get along, don’t they? Thanks for all your support so far. Means a lot that you’ve been cheering us on for so long.

    Taryn – Thank you. We can’t wait for you to see it.

    Documentally – Surprised you’re not bored of this stuff by now. Remember the meeting we had in that restaurant last year? Seems a long time ago.

    Chris – Everyone loves Junior. We’ve spent a lot of time on his character, but he’s underutilised in the sizzle. We’ll fix that in the pilot. Glad you liked it after repeat viewings.

    Benny – I’ll swap you for a full run of Kojak.

    Lee – You can try.

    Mary Sue – No, no. Thank you. Hopefully there’s more where that came from.

    Ren – You had me at bastards. I wasn’t sure we had a fan base until I saw replies like that. Thank you.

    Churchy – can I call you Churchy? Wow. Heady comparisons. Thank you. And it’s my pleasure to introduce The Mummers to you. Stunning band.

    Billie – Thanks for that. New template and still a few nails sticking out. I’ll get it fixed.

    Oakley – Very glad to have you on board.

    Tookie – Relieved you enjoyed it. Sorry we couldn’t reveal it sooner, but glad it was worth the wait.

    Cheryl – I’ll see what I can do about expanding America’s vocabulary then :) I’ll keep pushing at this end and we’ll hopefully have some good news soon.

    Andy – Glad you liked it.

    Kerry – Cheers!

    Annie – We’re very pleased how this came out. And just as pleased you liked it. Thanks!

    Gen – We’ll be waving pretty hard when it does so you should spot it. Glad you liked it.

    Nicole – Well we shot the sizzle a while ago now. Post took a while and then it had to go to Cannes and LA. The concept is a little further along now. Hoping to blow you away with what we have planned. See you again soon I hope.

    Dr Funrock – Wow – I’ve passed all the comments on to the SLINGERS crew, but yours made us grin wide and long. I hope we don’t let you down. Thanks for taking the time to comment like that. Much appreciated!

    Yoga Cat – Good to know. We’ll get it to you as soon as we can.

    Devinoch – Neither can we :) More GUN fun in the future I hope.

    Trouba – Thanks! It’s a neat concept. Easy to sum up, but there’s a lot to dig into. More on the way!

    Traumcave – Your wishes are on board and passed to the rest of the crew. Means a lot. Thank you!

    Laura – Mostly I’m just trying to catch up with you :) Glad you got a kick out of it. We’re way behind on catching up. Drinks soon!

    Derek – What can I say? Means a lot that you like it. I know you have great taste :)

    Mark – Consider me cursed. Glad you still enjoyed it :)

    Shannon – Course I remember :) Although I’ve forgotten the name of your amazing dog :/ Hope all is well with you and yours. Glad you liked the sizzle.

    Jason – Very British at the mo. With a dash of Canadian. But if it plays out the way we hope its heading Stateside first. More news when we have it.

    Croma – From the talented gentleman with the camera. High praise indeed. Cheers!

    John – Thank you. We’ll do our best.

    Cheekylele – Taking ‘shiny’ as a huge compliment. We hope we’ve got the combination right. We do like a bit of Bond ourselves too :) Thank you!

    CannonGod – Neato. Glad we rang some bells.

    Pat – Cheers, Pat. If you’re a fan of Warren then you’re in good company here :)

    Czelticgirl – Glad you loved it. We’re officially hurrying :)

    Stick – We’ll have more GUN added to things immediately then!

    Rook – Cheers! I love me some Star Trek and Star Wars, but we’re certainly heading in a different direction. Thanks for your support.

    Marty – Out of all the influences mentioned so far Cowboy Bebop is the less intentional. I’ve only seen a little of it, but I’m happy people can some it in there.

    LF – “On it’s way…”

    Fiz – Thank you :) Glad you liked it. Expecting great things from you too!

    Magiprint – Cheers, man. We’ll do our very best :)

    Muneca – Thanks for that. We do feel like we’ve tapped into something special. Very cool feeling knowing that we have so much support. We’ll try and make everything past those 3 minutes just as cool :)

    Walter – Comments like that bring out the browncoat in me. We have a meeting tomorrow to get back up to speed on where we are with all this. I’m a big fan of Firefly and because of that we’ve been very careful to make sure we don’t go too close to what Joss has already done so well. But all the comparisons so far have been more than welcome. I’m insanely happy that people see some of that in our project. And we’re determined (and in a very good position) to get the pilot made. More news when I have it, but thanks for the support!

    Bill – Way to jump ahead :) But a box set would be pretty sweet. Glad we ticked some boxes for you.

    Max – Cheers. I’m surrounded by talented people at the moment. We’ll get there.

    Caleb – One step at a time. Heading for a pilot. Fighting off cancellation would be a nice problem to have :) Cool so many great sites picked up on this. We’ll do our best to deliver…

    Arturo – I have three cats that would be on the block before yours so let’s hope we can get there without any feline damnation :) Glad you liked it.

  5. pggirvin says:

    I think what makes it work is the flow from one shot to the next, and the consistent style.
    really great.
    I love the half-in/half-out of cyberspace – you’re soaking in it, you know?

    really great. good luck.

  6. schnoggeen says:

    one request, other than PLEASE GET IT MADE!!, please don’t let Fox or any other beancounter simpletons near it, hold out for somebody who feels passion enough to give it real life, and won’t bury it in a terrible timeslot. They will never be forgiven for cancelling T:SCC, and also, come on…Fox? hey, crappy neocon network, I hear the tarpits calling your name, water’s great, come on in!!

  7. Pggirvin – Thank you :) Means a lot. Steve Barron is crazy talented and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve from the beginning.

    Schnoggeen – no beancounter simpletons: check. We’re already a little quirky around the edges – I think that’s a nice way of putting it – and so far the meetings we’ve had have been with people who ‘get it’ because of that. Here’s to hoping we keep meeting the right people in 2010 :) Thanks for caring at this early stage though!

  8. keith ford says:

    Dude this looks awesome, i cant wait to see the full pilot. My hat off to you sir.
    as adam said, things seem to have come a long way for you since the days of the shitty jam factory.

  9. marga says:

    it looks like something i would adore… which is a problem. i’ve had my heart broken so many times over smart, funny, charming tv shows that i’m a little gunshy. i’m afraid to fall in love again!!!

  10. Oka says:

    This is amazing. It’s like Firefly meets Hustle. Just blows my mind. I’m keeping my fingers crossed 24/7 for this show. Amazing job, people. <3

  11. Laertes says:

    That song is gorgeous. What is it? I’ve just spent a little time getting acquainted with the Mummers, and I love what they’re doing. The song from the sizzle reel, though, is that something they haven’t released yet, or something I just haven’t been able to identify?

  12. Chambuzz says:

    Holy freaking shit that was awesome. I got here through stumbleupon and posted to reddit so hopefully even more people will be saying that soon.

  13. Foxer says:

    Hmmm… looks like a *very* clever genre mashup. If America “gets it” this could go very far indeed. Consider me a fan-in-waiting.

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