Less “CLICK” more “BOOM”

You can’t tell from that photo, but Junior’s smiling*.

Since Warren‘s triple-slap of blog post, tweet and Bad Signal, the sizzle reel up on Vimeo has had some 36,000 views. I haven’t checked with Steve yet to see how much attention his website has had over the last few days, but I think we’re safe in saying our snippet of the SLINGERS universe has had over 50,000 views at this point.

Not too shabby.

We were picked up by Slash Film, Twitch, Topless Robot, i09 and Sci Fi Wire to name five. I tried keeping track of all the blog embeds and comments, but it was slowly turning into a full time job. I’m still wading through email, messages and phone calls. And so far everything has been overwhelmingly supportive.

Ghasts have been flabbered.

I’ll post any news when I have it right here and hope to have some fun stuff up on the Sleepydog website by the end of the week too. In the meantime there’s always Twitter. God help you.

Tomorrow we start moving a little further up the court – I’m guessing we’ll be moving a little faster thanks to everyone reading this.

Bottom line – we’re determined to get this fucker made so it’s a bloody good job we have an audience.

Thank you!

*What? You thought he was CGI?