Less “CLICK” more “BOOM”

You can’t tell from that photo, but Junior’s smiling*.

Since Warren‘s triple-slap of blog post, tweet and Bad Signal, the sizzle reel up on Vimeo has had some 36,000 views. I haven’t checked with Steve yet to see how much attention his website has had over the last few days, but I think we’re safe in saying our snippet of the SLINGERS universe has had over 50,000 views at this point.

Not too shabby.

We were picked up by Slash Film, Twitch, Topless Robot, i09 and Sci Fi Wire to name five. I tried keeping track of all the blog embeds and comments, but it was slowly turning into a full time job. I’m still wading through email, messages and phone calls. And so far everything has been overwhelmingly supportive.

Ghasts have been flabbered.

I’ll post any news when I have it right here and hope to have some fun stuff up on the Sleepydog website by the end of the week too. In the meantime there’s always Twitter. God help you.

Tomorrow we start moving a little further up the court – I’m guessing we’ll be moving a little faster thanks to everyone reading this.

Bottom line – we’re determined to get this fucker made so it’s a bloody good job we have an audience.

Thank you!

*What? You thought he was CGI?

19 thoughts on “Less “CLICK” more “BOOM”

  1. The trailler was cool on Friday and its still cool three days later. I’ve seen some posts asking if Slingers is the British Firefly. I hope it isn’t. Don’t get me wrong Firefly is shinny. I want three things for Slingers. I want it to get made. I want it to last. In the middle I want it to be spectacularly brilliant and bright in the way that the Best British SF can be.

  2. That’s an incredible amount of views for a TV show that hasn’t been made as of yet. I can’t help but think and hope that all this support will help get the show made.

    I must say that I’m an even bigger fan if that’s possible having seen the sizzler and hopefully me and everybody else that watched the clip can help you and the production team make that push by helping in anyway we can.

    Looking forward to hearing, seeing and reading more in the not to distant future..

  3. Mark – making a note of those three things. We’ll do our best. I loves me some Firefly but we’d rather be Slingers. If that makes sense :)

    Tookie – You’re already helping. We’ve pushed all the comments (not just from here, but from sites and forums all over the web) onto the desks of the right people. Having a fanbase so early is a huge help. And the content of those comments has been in turns uplifting and surprising. It’s helping us know what buttons we’ve pushed and helps keep the path ahead clear. Knowing we have people behind us also makes us more determined to get the show made. Thanks for sticking with us!

    Groonk – Cowboy Bebop has come up a lot elsewhere. I can see I’m going to have to watch more. I’ve only seen bits and pieces, but I can see why people are making the comparison. It’s great people see some of that in Slingers. I think moving forward we’ll be able to move away from all the comparisons, but right now it’s incredibly flattering. Thanks for your support :)

  4. The Sizzle reel has me captivated. I’ve watched it like two or three times a day for the past few days.

    I seem to have this impression from somewhere that you all will be skipping the networks and heading straight to digital distribution? Is that right, or just my brain being weird?

  5. I can see the similarities that people are making to Firefly. Still, Slingers seems to be totally it’s own. The fact that Junior isn’t CG is awesome (can I get a replica?), and your current cast is extraordinary. I wish I had a blog that people actually read so I could increase my attempts at spreading the word. This show can’t get enough attention as far as I’m concerned.

    What excites me even more than Slingers itself is the amount of thanks and feedback the growing fans have been receiving, and the efforts you have been putting in to do so.
    You can’t tell, but I’m smiling too.

  6. I’m sure this has been asked and answered elsewhere but I can’t find it: is this being pitched to British networks or American ones? Please Lord let it be American ones, because a) Brit networks suck and have the budget of a corner shop, and b) well… a) is enough. The sizzle is amazing and I want lots of juicy cash flung your way to produce that kind of beauty on a weekly basis. Nobody wants another “Hyperdrive”.

  7. Sohum – I think one of the most satisfying aspects of all this attention is finding out just how many people have watched the sizzle multiple times and still enjoy it. We live in a time where people love to dissect things frame by frame, and yet we’re still getting lots of love. We had a great team on the sizzle who certainly went the extra mile to get it looking so good.

    Not skipping the networks – in fact we’re talking to all of them.

    Rob – I agree that Firefly is its own thing, but being a huge fan I actually made a real effort not to let this slip into that ‘verse. But I think comparisons were inevitable – and hugely flattering. And yeah, Junior is all kinds of awesome. I’ll get some more details up on his build later this week. He has an interesting lineage :) Cast and crew were fucking wonderful. I was the only slacker on set.

    Glad we made you smile. Networks are important – audience is fucking vital. We love you guys.

    Vaughn – Yep, it’s American networks. This has a certain budget requirement and we’re aiming for 3 seasons that would be the 20-something eps of US TV rather than the shorter runs here in the UK. While on the surface it is ‘Ocean’s 11 in space’ we have our own story to tell and it’s a whoozy :) And that takes time to get right.

    I wasn’t a fan of Hyperdrive, but I think there’s some quite remarkable British TV out there. I hope we bring some of that sensibility with us. I grew up on that stuff afterall :)

  8. I was very impressed by what I saw and blogged to that effect, with one kicker – you have to follow that up now in the actual show itself.

    Too many sci-fi shows have had a great premise but then fall down week to week. Fingers crossed you guys can deliver in the mid to long term.

  9. Solo – And it’s a hell of a kicker :/ But couldn’t agree with you more on how frustrating non-delivery can be. All I can say is that we’ve worked very hard to make the concept as sturdy as possible. It’s great that so many people latched on to the Ocean’s 11 in space thing and that works well for an elevator pitch. But what we have in mind long term goes far beyond that. We’re not scared of being ambitious. We have an arc plotted over three seasons, and character histories nailed back to birth – before that in some cases :) We have a scary amount of backstory and detail we want to reveal along the way. And to do all that without fucking up the vibe that everyone is riffing on right now is going to be tricky. But hopefully fun too.

    If we can get the pilot away, we’ll do our damnedest to get it to series. And then we’ll always listen to the audience. Hopefully we won’t make too many mistakes, but when we do we’ll try and fix them in a way that doesn’t further fuck up what we’re promising to deliver.

    Thanks for the input. Means a lot. Seriously.

    ps I’ve also been watching a lot of MAN FROM UNCLE :)

  10. Thanks for the reply, I know you’re under a mountain of correspondence and positive replies right now :D Good to know this is going the US route, I think the British angle will really help too, as it instantly feels very different to what’s already on in the States. How cool would it be to see it sitting alongside Leverage on TNT? Heist-y goodness!

  11. Vaughn – We’re still waiting for Leverage to air over here. But I’ve been friends with John Rogers for a while, so managed to see it all in advance as it aired in the States. I’m a fanboy for sure and plan to make the trip to Con-Con in March. Love that show!

    And yeah – email is keeping me busy this morning. Gotta head out for my first SLINGERS meeting of the day though. Looking forward to that because a part of it will simply be smiling at each other because of the tremendous online response. Thanks for being part of that :)

  12. I’m actually a Brit too (so I’m qualified to slag off our TV :D) and I’ve had to make do with getting Leverage via the method that shall not be mentioned (why nobody in the UK has aired this series yet is beyond me), but I’ll definitely be getting the DVDs when they finally hit Region 2.

    Should Slingers get picked up you should make use of your friendship with Rogers to steal Beth Riesgraf for a guest spot (yup, she’s my favourite).

  13. (Although… hm. I wonder if there’s a subtitle file for the Sizzle Reel floating around… :P)

    The amount of work you guys have put into this is scary awesome, and I wish you guys the very very very best. Selfishly, because I want to watch it all :P

    Sixty episodes of classy scifi. I can’t wait.

  14. Love the sizzle! Hustle in space with a futuristic Mad Men aesthetic – presses all my buttons. Only thing I’m not crazy about is the title. Hope you get someone to pick this up!

  15. Chattermouth says:

    If an American Network pics you up, don’t let them Americanize you TOO much.
    A reason why I can’t wait for this to be made is that it’s really different. I’ve seen alot of poliots from new sci-fi shows from the US, and despite the change of setting, they do have a formula they tend to stick to. British shows are very different.
    After all, the thing that really caught my eye was Warren’s words “Sean fucking Pertwee”.

  16. oops sorry Vaughn, should have checked out your url. And good news – it looks like LEVERAGE is coming to Virgin in the UK. If I get too close to the his cast, I can guarantee John will kick my ass. At Con-Con my pass will probably restrict my movements to the carpark. Beth is awesome though.

    Sohum – not yet. But there wasn’t a YouTube version or a Facebook page until someone went ahead and made ‘em. We did aim quite high and we have no problem with over delivering :)

    Pumpkin – Trust me, SLINGERS is a way better title than the first one I came up :)

    Chattermouth – There was a worry we were a tad too British, but I hope we’ve found a nice balance. A lot of my favourite shows are American and I think there’s a lot to be done in the framework, but would agree completely it gets old quickly when the ideas are too pedestrian. SLINGERS is in part a response to that. I’m not sure we’ll get Sean fucking Pertwee on the credits, but we’ll try and take that sense of spirit with us. I grew up on the best of British TV so there’s a lot of stuff in the pilot that should raise a smile or too :)

  17. I’m gagging for more Slingers news! The post-sizzle lull is like those days after Christmas when you still have toys to play with but you’re craving for the New Year’s Eve party when you can get proper messed up.

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