Checking in…

No real meat to talk about this side of the new year, but rest assured that SLINGERS continues to move forwards.

I did remember a video I shot of Sean Pertwee on the set of the sizzle reel (in which he talks about why he thought it’d be a good idea to pitch in with us and a little bit about 2000AD). I’ve now left that in the more than capable hands of Sleepydog HQ. Speaking of which…

I’ve been very lucky to get to play front-of-house during all this interest in SLINGERS (64,000 views!), but every step of the way I’ve been supported by aone of a kind behind the scenes team. Mark Hilton, Neal Clark and Paul Long have put a lot of time and effort into getting our almost-a-TV-show this far and each of them utilises a skill-set I’m utterly lacking. Thanks guys!

So we’ll have that video up soonish and probably on the Sleepydog website.

I did a quick (probably sweary) interview with both Live for Films and Geek Syndicate. And other bits and pieces have continued to pop up all over the web. I’ve had a few more interview requests, but right now it’s just a question of finding the time. Please bear with me if I still owe you email…

SLINGERS aside, I’ve had an interesting few weeks. It’s one thing for people I admire to tell me they love what they’ve seen of the show, but it’s something else when they suggest we work together at some point. My email has been insane and I’ve had some lovely conversations with the great and good out in LA. The first few weeks in January are now scheduled and I’ll be helping get something I’m very excited about (and not allowed to talk about) off the ground before my next flight to LAX.

I think I’m right in saying that AVATAR is here. I was lucky enough to be invited to the world premiere last week and Todd kindly published my review up on Twitch. You can read it here. Because of a silly UK embargo and my intolerance to sleep we managed to get one of the first reviews up. Be interested to see how many people agree with me now it’s been released. I’m off to see it with a real audience on Boxing Day and in IMAX. Can. Hardly. Wait.

Few things in that movie I wanna talk about. Also had a post in draft form on mythology from before the sizzle excitement so will work on that – hopefully before the new CLASH OF THE TITANS gets here.

I’m slowly moving into Christmas mode here in SE1. Been a mad month and there’s been a lot to do and a lot to think about. Now I have a little more time again I’ll slip back into blogging mode I think.

Enough. Go watch the IRON MAN 2 trailer a few more times…

5 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. Looking forward what 2010 brings for Slingers. Have loved listening to/reading the interviews – lots of insight there and answers to questions I’ve had. Glad to know lots of good things are resulting fro all your hard work!

  2. Clash of the Titans, yes. I fucking loved that film when I was a kid.

    VC took me to Paris last month and we saw the frankly, awesome Grecian sculptures in the louvre – it really got my Greek on…. for want of a better turn of phrase.

    But yes. Titans. Mythology. Write it up, I want to read it.


    PS. I’ve told you a million times that SLINGERS is the mutt’s nuts. No point doing it again.

    PPS. SLINGERS is the mutt’s nuts.

  3. That Ironman 2 trailer is quite something.

    Not seen the first film and never had any desire to remedy this. But Whiplash slicing the front end off Starks’ F1 car has practically got me by balls for this one.

  4. YenRug says:

    Just read your Avatar review, can only agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly, especially the bit about finding it enthralling. Whilst not quite the world premiere you were lucky enough to go to, I managed to get into the preview night showing pretty much last minute; had been humming and ahhing about it, the trailers hadn’t really grabbed me, but turned up 45 minutes before doors opened and I was lucky to grab a ticket for the 3D show.

    It was around the two hour mark, the following mental conversation took place:

    “Wow, this film has got me totally enthralled!”

    “Hold on a minute, did I actually just use the word ‘enthralled’ to describe how I’m feeling?”

    “Yes, yes I did. Who would have thought I’d have ever used that to describe myself?”

    When I went into work, the next day, I told everyone that it had some of the cheesiest lines going, had just about every cliche under the sun in it, but in the end that didn’t matter because they had to go and see it because it was just an amazing film. I’ll quickly rip-off what I wrote on a comment to someone else’s review of the film:

    ‘This is where you see the difference between someone like Cameron and someone like Lucas. In Episodes I, II and III, Lucas tried to be all clever with his writing and used CGI to compose all his shots; the result? Souless abominations of cinematic art. Meanwhile, Cameron is willing to resort to every archetype in the book but he knows how to make it all work, to make it seem natural.

    I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, after seeing all the trailers, it just wasn’t possible to really get a feel for what he was hoping to achieve. Within five minutes of seeing the Na’vi cross-breeds running around on screen, the film just sucked you in and made you believe they were real; Cameron has pulled together a huge amount of tech and creative people, then leapt straight over the Uncanny Valley. I don’t know what it is he has done, but it sure as hell works.’

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