I’m currently throwing a bag together for an early morning flight as I’ll be spending a few days in Ireland to work on a new (sorta secret) project. While SLINGERS sits with the network (can’t spill any beans yet, but we’re getting there) I’m taking the opportunity to get stuck into something… criminal.

This offer came in a roundabout way via SLINGERS (suddenly being taken seriously by people who have been doing this for a long time is very cool) and breaks down into myself and an industry pro squirreled away putting this new concept together. Already had a preliminary meeting that went really well and this week we begin working on the framework. When we’re happy with that we’ll start throwing some meat on the bones.

We just started work on the other shows on the Sleepydog slate and there are some really well received concepts now starting to maneuver into position behind SLINGERS. Can’t talk about any of them yet, but I’ll be using the blog as a research dump for some of them as we start to bulk them up. The work I’m doing now goes quite a bit beyond writer, but that’s something I’ll get around talking about once I have the time.

Hoping to be back in LA in February – some really interesting meetings already lined up and I hope I can talk about some of that stuff as it unfolds. Then as a sort-of break I’ll be heading to Portland in March to catch some of Con-Con before driving down to San Francisco for a little road-trip (and research).

Couple of meet-ups too I expect…

Lots of time to fill in hotel rooms between now and April which is generally good news for Also starting to pile up a few posts in draft form and have an ever growing list of blog fodder to get through.

You have been warned.

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