“…dogs and cats living together…”

So this could get interesting.

First an update. Everything is going great. Let me break that down and get into the details… oh… I can’t.

The problem (and I admit it’s a great problem to have) is that the closer Slingers gets to being made a lot of things have to slide into position. Every time one of these boxes gets ticked or a lever gets pulled the right way then our instinct is to jump on Twitter and spill. But because so many things are dependent on so many other things we can’t do that. And damn, it’s frustrating.

So we had a conversation about this and came up with an idea. What if we chose another show on the Sleepydog slate and opened up the development process as completely as we possibly could and just see what happens…

So that’s what we’re going to do.

Right now we’re working on a number of shows that are cued up behind Slingers and what we’d like to do with one of them is run a little online experiment and see if being this open this early will derail the process or not. The show we’ve picked to trial this on is a concept that I really like. It’s certainly not a lame duck that we’re leaving out here to sacrifice. I believe it’s an idea that could become a show that would hold its own against anything else on air right now, but I’m also keen to see how throwing open the development process effects it going forward.

Exciting stuff.

Lots more to dig into the hows and whys behind this and that’s just one of the reasons to do it. To create conversation about all aspects of the process.

But for now let’s just revist a question I asked on Twitter late last night:

Answers after the break…

15 thoughts on ““…dogs and cats living together…”

  1. I would watch anything that you and Sleepydog are involved in, but I may be biased. Would America watch it? There are some crazy show names out there, so Schrodingers Dogs (dammit where is that umlaut thingy again?) would stand as much a chance as any of them!

  2. Sounds a little like NCIS meete Blake Seven ? Or possibly its Mythbusters meets Snopes Guide as an Interactive Wikipedia mash up of TV show Documentary and social experiment ?

  3. I like the idea of “Schrodinger’s Dogs”, it would be nice to hear something new on a theory that is bandied about quite often without much explanation.
    The title does make me want to look up a little more, knowing a little about the theory makes me wonder why it was a cat in the first place.
    Though – you could all it “Attack of the killer biscuit tins” and if the writing was tight and the story compelling, I would be interested. I’ve been intrigued by neat names before and slightly disappointed by the content – not a move I would expect from SD, natch.
    Will it be Quantum Leap for the canine set? Lassie’s adventures in the Super-state?

  4. Yes I have. It’s a mashup between Quantum Leap/Firefly/Sapphire & Steel/Stargate where Schrodinger and his crack team of former marines (The Dogs) are repeatedly fired around the universe/through time on missions to resolve conflicts/repair timelines/prevent inter-dimensional intrusions across m-branes. At the end of each episode they return to a quantum superposition that enables them to access the location of their next mission in spacetime. Or did I dream that?

  5. Darren says:

    I always thought it should be ‘Schrodinger’s Wasp’. Why did he have to go and choose a cuddly cat? No-one likes wasps… no-one would have cared that the wasp is dead AND alive.

    Oh, is that the point?

    Anyway, ‘Schrodinger’s Dogs': A love story?

  6. It is an experiment in crowdsourcing a TV show idea without the crowd(audience) being aware they creating the show from their own ideas. The question is this “If I put this in the comments is it true even if it is false ? “

  7. I probably wouldn’t come to it straight from the title. But then again I probably wouldn’t go straight to Battlestar Galactica either if it was just about title – or Doctor Who. Hmmm.

    Changing ‘cat’ to ‘dogs’ immediately made me think of Pavlov’s dog – but also feels a little lazy from a science point of view just to try and shoehorn in a physics-related title. Imitations may appear called Einstein’s Relatives and Professor Brian’s Cocks.

    What’s it about?

    It’s a comedy, a la Fawlty Towers, where things change behind Basil Schrodinger’s back whilst he looking at something else. The ‘Dogs’ in question are actually his ne’er-do-well brother and his best friend Arthur Barthur aka ‘Arse-Bastard’ who are always chasing pussy and trying to get into girl’s boxes in their quest.

    They all work in Heathrow pet control. They keep a cat…but it’s never seen on screen, and it’s never referred to as a cat.


    I’m kidding, of course. I’m sure your ideas are properly solid when observed. Best of luck!

  8. I’d watch it cos it’s got dogs in the title & doesn’t have “how fat are my” or “driving school for” in it ;)

    Seriously it’s a good title and with science being the new rock & roll for TV, couple that with pets & from a scheduling perspective I think you’re onto a winner.

    I’d imagine it could be about anything from a documentary about scientists’ dogs, to a cartoon to a sci fi drama series.

  9. Kate says:

    Yes i would. I would be expecting some humour, and some intellectual substance to the show: a sort of popular science program, maybe? With lots of visual explanations. Or possibly a title for a sit com about undergrad physicists… no, wait, that’s the Big Bang Theory…

  10. Max Bell says:

    It’s cool, man.

    I keep checking this site periodically, and its encouraging that you can say anything about it at all.

    I also discovered Warren Ellis in connection with this blog, somewhere. Just remember thinking “I should find out who that is…”

  11. DC Mike says:

    I’ll watch anything you work on, homey. Only if you actually answer an email or two from me at some point though. :P

  12. Kerry says:

    Its a comedy about life at a research lab and the slackers who subject themselves to tests for extra cash.

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