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Click the panels to reveal one of my favourite punchlines ever.

SKIZZ was one of those things that could only have come out of 2000AD despite the initial rush to do something like ET. What Alan Moore crafted had more in common with Boys from the Blackstuff that Spielberg.

I think I was around 12 years old when this first appeared and I’m quite happy to nominate Roxy as one of the reasons why I never understood the appeal of most American comics.

She was so real

7 thoughts on “Know the score

  1. Everytime I hear or read the name Alan Moore I’m instantly transported back to sitting on the floor of my room with a collection of Warrior magazines. For some reason I always preferred it to 2000AD…

    The modern day (well fairly recent) counterpart to that topic and punchline has to be Phonogram – seeing as it’s based in the music of Britpop etc, I’m probably slightly biased to see a sarcastic English ‘phonomancer’ referencing lots of records I owned/loved/despised!

  2. Dan, I picked up Warrior occasionally but I never got over the fact that 2000AD was put together by robots (reading up on how the talent was treated many years later was a real eye opener). But even as a very young kid I could pull out the distorted pop culture references that the progs were full of. From Mega City housing such as Frank Zappa block or the ‘musical numbers’ that appeared from time to time. I fondly remember the RoboHunter world cup episodes which had a broad satirical swipe at a sport I hated as being a high point.

    I guess the most obvious was the creation of Nemesis coming from a dropped series that was going to be based on music called Comic Rock. The Jam’s ‘Going Underground’ became ‘The Terror Tubes’ and those characters ran until 1999. Remarkable really.

  3. Ah, Nemesis the Warlock. Now there’s a blast from the past. Always loved it when his demonic fist made abrupt contact with Torquemada’s face, the vile Thatcherite cunt that he was.

    Seem to remember the ABC Warriors making an appearance too.

    Kev O’Neill’s artwork was something special (loved Martial Law too), and happily he continues with his unique style to this day, in the collaborations with Alan Moore on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series.

  4. I’m *still* working my way through every prog at the moment and the great thing is how well the lead stories still stand up. There’s some filler from time to time, but the recurring writers were constantly knocking stuff out of the park at a giddy pace. And yes the ABC Warriors arriving in the Nemesis storyline was beautiful… also had his son feeding Judges to his pet dinosaur as the icing on the cake.

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