Mike Sizemore
Mike Sizemore on the set of MERICA ADAMS (2014) by Christian Payne

My name is Mike Sizemore.

I write stuff.

I created a TV show that almost got made.
You can see the trailer with Tom Mison (Sleepy Hollow) here: SLINGERS.

I adapted HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE  for the London stage.
People seemed to dig it and there’s a trailer here.

I came up with an idea about superheroes who pull a heist to pay the rent that I then co-created as CAPER for Felicia Day‘s Geek and Sundry channel with Amy Berg. You can watch it on Geek & Sundry, Hulu and Hulu Plus every Wednesday from February 12th 2014.
It’s kinda cool. Check out the trailer. It stars Abby Miller (Justified), Beth Riesgraf (Leverage), Hartley Sawyer (Glory Daze), Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) and a bunch of other people you’ll recognise from some of your favourite shows.

Also just finished the first block of shooting on a follow-up to 2011’s PRECISION called MERICA ADAMS. As well as writing this I’m also co-directing. Exciting times. For me anyway. For you guys it could be rather worrying.

I have a short story published in an upcoming sci-fi anthology called War Stories. It has stories by Joe Haldeman and a bunch of other great writers in there too.

There’s a bunch of other film, TV and comic stuff on the way and if I’d started writing a novel this year I’d tell you here too, right?

I use Twitter more than anything, but also have a Tumblr.

If you’re so inclined you can also get a hold of me via my management:

Principato-Young Entertainment
9465 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 900
Beverly Hills
CA 90212

Or just drop me an email: mikesizemore@gmail.com

The Website

The header image on the blog is Merica Adams by Dave Kennedy. Dave also did all the super hero design and motion comic stuff on Caper. Talented bastard. We’re working on a few new things together once we wrap on Merica Adams.

The photo of me on this page was taken on the set of Merica Adams by Christian Payne. If you’re not following Documentally on Twitter you’re missing out.

‘Snatiation’ is a backronym created from a portmanteau coined by Judith G. Hall. I know. Shut up.

We can’t be friends unless you’ve seen THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR. Sorry. Them’s the rules.

This website is, of course, maintained by my digital roadie, Nik Butler.