“I wanted vanilla twist.”

It’s been a stretch since I’ve had the time to do any serious blogging. That’s the first lie. I have plenty of time, but until now I’ve decided to use it up on everything but WordPress. For a while, mostly as I was noodling around with the site design last week or throwing film posters at Tumblr, I figured I’d just fallen out of the habit, but I think what happened was that I painted myself into a corner by only blogging about the stuff I was doing and then suddenly found myself in a position where I wasn’t allowed to write about most of it.

Time to reboot.

Right now the sun has just about found its way to London again and I’ve spent the last couple of hours working on a few different projects. Later today I’ll have a couple of meetings and as it’s Monday I’ll make time to reevaluate what needs doing this week and for the first time in a while regular scribbling here will be included. I can’t tell you about the explosions and the car chases and the spiders and the broadswords and the robots and the tears and the huge sacrifice and the feelings that unspool all wet and steaming over the cold beach and into the sea.

So instead I’ll use the blog to host things that are just supposed to live here. When I can talk about the other stuff I will, but this will mostly be original content of one form or another I guess. I hope that isn’t the second lie.

Another Mobile Test

Last one I think.

I’m using POSTER which I’m told is the ‘minimal iOS WordPress blogging app’ of note.

Nice as it is its also a reminder why every fucker, me included, has jumped to Tumblr.

If you’re one of the five or so people still subscribed to this RSS feed you can kinda ignore this.

I’m just testing a new WP app in the hope I may start using the site again if I’m throwing crap at it via my phone.

Not sure I need this *and* three Tumblr THINGS but we’ll see…


2011 was a fun year, but I think 2012 is going to be the busy one.

January alone is a cocksucker.

Lots to mop up from last year, lots of work to be done on the house (essential but is going to drive me crazy), a couple of cool meetings and lots and lots of writing.

Pretty resolved already so won’t be making any lists or promises I can’t keep.

Let’s see what’s over the next hill.



Another one via Boing Boing; Federal agents say 88-year-old Saratoga man’s invention is being used by meth labs.

“These are the same knotheads that make you take your shoes off in the airport.”

For Wallace to comply, the state Department of Justice fingerprinted the couple and told Wallace he needed to show them such things as a solid security system for his product. Wallace sent a photograph of Buddy sitting on the front porch.

“These guys don’t go for my humor,” Wallace said. “Cops are the most humorless knotheads on the planet.”

Lovely phrase that.

Urban Dictionary definition:

(A) A person who has trouble thinking in a logical progression. this is usually caused by a profound amount of circular reasoning tying their brain into a knot.
(B) A dumb ass


Mirror Mirror

From an interview with Robert Sapolsky on Boing Boing, this jumped out at me:

Baboons are perfect models for the ecosystem I study. They live in the Serengeti in East Africa, which is a wonderful place for a baboon to live. They’re in big troops, so predators don’t hassle them much. Infant mortality is low. Most importantly, it takes baboons only about 3 hours of foraging to get their day’s calories. Critical implication of this – if you are spending only 3 hours in a day getting food, that means you have 9 hours of free time each day to devote to being miserable to some other baboon. Like us, they are ecologically privileged enough so that they can devote their time to generating psychological stress for each other. If a baboon in the Serengeti is miserable, it is because another baboon has worked very hard to bring that state about.

“I trust only my sword in this world”

Some lovely artwork coming out of Criterion at the moment:

I’m still running into people who haven’t seen the original GODZILLA. Mind boggling.

And most people think Kurosawa when the subject of Samurai movies come up. Check out the films of Hideo Gosha and Kihachi Okamoto. I recently rewatched THREE OUTLAW SAMURAI and THE SWORD OF DOOM back to back. Almost fifty years old and they’re a breath of fresh air after some of the nonsense I’ve had to sit through recently.

Plus it’s hard to get bored of watching Toshiro Mifune cutting hands off in the snow.

Like a Messerschmitt coming up under a Lancaster

A shot from 2006:

Backdropped by Earth’s horizon and the blackness of space, the Soyuz TMA-9 spacecraft approaches the International Space Station.

Working on a new draft of RED DRIFT so I’m going through my picture folders. I end up with a lot of mood images when I’m writing. I just about filled my office wall space again, but am thinking about a dedicated digital frame up there just so I can let this stuff cycle through 24/7.